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Testimonial Grady Auer

Bakake Acres

In 2016 I saw an advertisement about RECAL Microbials on the Dairy Agenda Today website. I checked out the RECAL Microbials website and saw a testimonial from another dairyman that I knew. I called that dairyman and talked to him about the RECAL. He highly recommended the product and told me to get in touch with Jamie Troxel of RECAL Microbials. I called Jamie and we discussed RECAL and the next week Jamie came to my farm to talk more about the products. Jamie wanted to look at my ration, cows, forages, and cow manure. He also wanted to hear of any issues I was having with the cows. Jamie wanted to take a look at these things because he said he sees the RECAL working differently on different farms, not all farms are the same.

After Jamie asked me questions about reproduction, production, and dry matter intake he looked at the ration, the forages, the cows and the manure. He advised me that he was sure I was dealing with a mycotoxin issue.

The cows weren’t milking like they should, I wasn’t seeing heats like I should, reproduction wasn’t where it should have been and manure was very inconsistent and not digested very well besides having some bloody gut issues. I was already feeding a well known toxin binder. Jamie gave me a proposal. He would give me enough RECAL Plus for 30 days and if at the end of that 30 days I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to pay for it. He also told me what to watch for and what to expect the cows to do. He was very confident in the product. He mentioned I could pull yeast and the toxin binder out if I wanted to. I thought what the heck, I didn’t have anything to lose since the binder didn’t seem to be working, so I took him up on this offer.

The day we started the RECAL Plus Jamie pulled a TMR sample to be sent to Rock River Lab to be tested for mycotoxins and to have a complete nutrional analysis done. The nutrional analysis came back very close to what was on paper, but the vomitoxin level was 3.3 ppm and the T-2 toxin was 134 ppm. Both were high levels. He also performed manure screenings the day we started the product and then came back ten days later and performed the manure screenings again from the same exact cows.

WOW!!! What a difference. Everything Jamie told me to watch for I saw. Within one week I was sold on the RECAL Plus. Milk went up, DMI went up and then dropped back off a little lower then when we started. I started seeing much stronger heats, much more consistent manure and there was a huge difference in manure screenings. You could see a big difference in rumination as well with the use of my rumination meters.

After we started pregnancy checking cows that had been on the RECAL Plus from the time of insemination, my conception rate started going up, a huge improvement! My vet even noticed that we were getting bigger CL’s which is a sign of healthier cows and reproduction system. The bigger the CL, the better.

About January 2017 I switched to different corn silage and I was seeing more corn in the manure. I talked to Jamie about that. He said we could try the RECAL Plus SS. It was different than the RECAL Plus and was a fiber and starch digester. So we tried it and in the first week the cows went up three pounds of milk and intakes stayed the same. I was watching my rumination meters and the rumination went up 15% the day after I started the RECAL Plus SS and has held. My %BF has also gone up as well.

We milk about 500 cows near New London, WI. I highly recommend every dairyman to feed the RECAL Plus or the RECAL Plus SS.

Grady Auer
(920) 538-1183

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Scott Von Guten:
We started feeding RECAL PLUS because our corn silage had tested 6000 ppb of Vomitoxin and we were having more problems with breeding and herd health than normal.
We had been feeding...


Jeff Core
Keightly & Core Jerseys:

I first learned of RECAL PLUS the hard way at the 2012 World Dairy Expo when we found ourselves with 8 milk cows that didn't handle the trip very well. Luckily, Dr. G.W. Snider happened to be in our barn working with another cow. He instantly recommended RECAL boluses...


Nevin Hoover:
... When I starting feeding the RECAL PLUS my 21 day preg rate was 15%. Then my preg rate started climbing, even during the heat of last summer...


Todd Jones
Springbrook Farms:

... Since then we have put the whole herd on RECAL PLUS and it is doing exactly as advertised. We are getting much better utilization of feedstuffs then we had ever hoped for...


RECAL Microbials is a unique combination of probiotics, enzymes, and concentrated yeast culture for cattle, deer, horses, swine, poultry, sheep and goats. It was designed to improve overall health of the animals, aid in reducing stress, aid in improving digestion and also feed and mineral utilization.


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