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RECAL products were first designed primarily for the dairy industry, but they have been proven to be beneficial in all types of animals. The creation of the RECAL product was intended to build a healthy and productive animal while decreasing overall cost and enhancing profitability.

RECAL is a unique combination of various strains of bacteria, enzymes and a specific type of concentrated yeast culture. It was designed to establish and rapidly expand a superior rumen population heavily weighted toward fiber digestion. The introduction of extremely large numbers of desirable bacteria has been shown to have the ability to overcome and replace less productive and harmful strains of bacteria. The continual re-establishment of these bacterial colonies in the rumen and on the intestinal villi may limit stress on the immune system by limiting growth and potentially blocking the invasion of salmonella, e-coli and other harmful bacteria. This daily recolonization limits both the frequency and severity of stomach upsets. But more importantly, it has been shown to improve fiber utilization which helps to limit negative energy balance. The RECAL product also contains bacteria that when consumed by the animal produces various B-vitamins. B-vitamins are known to be used for appetite stimulation and as a way to improve immune function.

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Benefits to feeding RECAL: In farmer's terms

  • Helps establish beneficial bacteria in the rumen
  • Helps break down fiber, protein and starch to be better utilized
  • Helps make all nutrients more available
  • Helps fight off harmful bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella
  • Helps aid in resolving loose stools
  • Helps build a healthy digestive and immune system
  • Helps to eliminate the need for antibiotic treatments
  • Improved rates of gain
  • Improved conception rate
  • Feeding during gestation increases the probability of healthier offspring
  • Helps build hemoglobin, which can contribute to enhanced antler growth and overall health of the animal

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Gary Edwards:
Hello everyone,   We started raising deer at Thunder Bay Whitetails 20 years ago. I also have managed a large hunting ranch here in Michigan for the past 17 years...

T3 Whitetails:
2014 I fed a probiotic to my deer herd and we were still having a lot of health issues and death loss. So I started doing some research on probiotics and...

RECAL Microbials is a unique combination of probiotics, enzymes, and concentrated yeast culture for cattle, deer, horses, swine, poultry, sheep and goats. It was designed to improve overall health of the animals, aid in reducing stress, aid in improving digestion and also feed and mineral utilization.


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