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Testimonial from T3 Whitetails

In 2014 I fed a probiotic to my deer herd and we were still having a lot of health issues and death loss. So I started doing some research on probiotics and came across RECAL PLUS. In January of 2015 I called and talked to Jamie Troxel of RECAL Microbials. He simply told me about the RECAL PLUS, some differences in probiotics, some research he has done in dairy cattle with RECAL PLUS and what other deer farmers have seen in their deer herds with the use of RECAL PLUS.

At this time I was still feeding the probiotic that I had been feeding. Jamie recommended that if I wanted to try the RECAL PLUS what he would like for me to do is to take some of my deer off the probiotic I was currently feeding and put them on the RECAL PLUS and keep the other deer on the other probiotic. This way we would have a side by side comparison. So I thought heck yea, let’s do this.

So Jamie sent me some RECAL PLUS and told me what to watch for in the deer. We took half of our deer herd off the other probiotic and put them on the RECAL PLUS. Everything he told me to watch for I saw. Slicker shiner hair coats, better body condition and the deer just started looking better and more alert. After I saw this with my own eyes with side by side pens I started putting the rest of the deer herd on the RECAL PLUS.

When the does started fawning this spring I couldn’t believe the body condition they had and they didn’t get run down like in years past. The fawns that were nursing were so much more alert and active and I couldn’t get over the way the fawns were doing. The bucks had better body condition as well and darker racks. But most importantly my death loss has dropped to almost nothing and we do not have to treat many deer. I now have my whole deer herd on RECAL PLUS and not on the other probiotic and the RECAL PLUS is a lot cheaper with better results. We at T3 Whitetails are proud feeders of RECAL PLUS.

PS. My main breeder bucks have only been on RECAL PLUS since Febuary 2015.

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Eddie Ray Borkholder:
Hello fellow deer farmers.
Jamie Troxel of RECAL Microbials approached me ... about doing a trial for him on my deer... I listened to what he had to say about the product and I was very interested...

Gary Edwards:
Hello everyone,   We started raising deer at Thunder Bay Whitetails 20 years ago. I also have managed a large hunting ranch here in Michigan for the past 17 years...

Chris Winsey:
We would like to take a few minutes of your time and tell you about a great product that Elusive Whitetails had the privilege of field testing...

Ron Allen:
RECAL PLUS is a product you really should consider trying. I started using the RECAL product in my bottle fed does in the spring of 2010...

RECAL Microbials is a unique combination of probiotics, enzymes, and concentrated yeast culture for cattle, deer, horses, swine, poultry, sheep and goats. It was designed to improve overall health of the animals, aid in reducing stress, aid in improving digestion and also feed and mineral utilization.


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